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5 Signs You Need a Marketing Agency

5 Signs You Need a Marketing Agency

No matter how great your business is you won’t get very far without a solid marketing plan. Many businesses hit the ground running and wait too long to sit down focus on marketing efforts, which ends up slowing down overall growth. If any of following signs sound familiar to you, it’s probably time to hire a marketing agency.

You don’t have enough hours in the day

You are giving your business everything you’ve got, but at the end of the day, there are still way too many items left on your to-do list. You are only human, and you cannot do it all. Even if you have excellent employees working alongside you, you might find that all of them are stretched pretty thin focusing on their own specialties, leaving very little time to work on a marketing strategy. Marketing is incredibly important, but it often gets set on the back burner as business owners prioritize other aspects of the business.

Marketing is not your forte

Marketing isn’t a hobby; it’s a specialty. Would you hire someone who simply enjoys math but has no accounting experience to manage your finances? Probably not, so why would you leave marketing to be taken care of by whoever ends up having time for it? If you don’t enjoy marketing and feel like you are sailing through unfamiliar waters, you may be doing more harm than good. A marketing agency can focus on what they do best, while you and your team members stick to your areas of expertise.

Your current marketing strategy is inconsistent

This is a huge problem for many companies. Instead of setting out a clear marketing plan and schedule, businesses sporadically update social media accounts and occasionally publish a blog post, hoping that a little is better than nothing. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case when it comes to marketing. If you are all over the place with your marketing style and have bursts of activity followed by a week of radio silence, you are likely to see your numbers plummet as confused consumers engage less and less. A marketing agency can work with you to set up a consistent voice and help you decide on a schedule for posting new content so that your audience has a better idea of what to expect from your business.

You don’t know who your target audience is

You can’t really attract customers if you aren’t quite sure who you are trying to attract. Business owners often make the mistake of trying to reach too broad of an audience, believing that a wider reach will result in a greater return. A good marketing agency can help you get a much higher return on investment when it comes to your marketing strategies. By honing in on your target audience, you will be able to cater your marketing strategies to those people and their interests.

You aren’t properly measuring marketing results.

In order to know what works and what doesn’t, you have to monitor results, but what exactly constitutes good results for your particular business? While some businesses might be working on increasing their followers on social media, others might be looking to increase traffic to their website. It’s important to know what the ultimate goal is for your marketing plan and also know how to monitor the success rate of your strategy. Scrolling through analytics and spreadsheets might not interest you, but marketing agencies can keep an eye on things for you, and provide detailed reports catered to your business.


Don’t let marketing become a chore that you put off to the last minute. Hiring a marketing agency can lighten your workload and provide better results than anything you might begrudgingly attempt to do whenever you have a bit of extra time. If you are serious about growing your business, get yourself a serious marketing agency.

Rease Kirchner
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