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blank page second anniversary party

Celebrating year 2 – Looking forward to year 3

Last night, we celebrated Blank Page Marketing Consulting’s 2nd anniversary. Our friends at The Luna Lounge hosted us and more than 50 of our closest friends and family to celebrate the end of a long year of hard work and accomplishment. As we looked back on a year of working with some of the most talented creatives in St. Louis, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for year 3.

Once again, we were blessed by the incredible musical talents of Steve Ewing and Adam Hansbrough, which made our celebration even more special. Thank you to everyone who came out and thank you to these companies that chose to work with Blank Page in 2015:

Athleticare Sports Health Foundation Ault Construction Bloomtown TV Centerco Office Suites Centerco Properties CRA Investments Craig Heating & Cooling Hackmann Lawn & Landscape Hibbs Homes I Love Ferguson John Bryant Keystone IT MIMH Morse Group Northeast Fire Protection District OASIS Institute
Painting for Peace in Ferguson Plush Boutique Pounds Media Relearnit SLACO Soul School Steve’s Hot Dogs on the Hill St. Louis Acupuncture The Book Professor TLW Law Top Hat Entertainment We Are Ferguson

Webinar 11/17: Secrets to creating content that connects

By Danni Eickenhorst

I always was pretty terrible at keeping a secret… and it looks like nothing has changed. 🙂

On Tuesday, November 17th, I’ll be hosting a FREE webinar that shares my secrets for creating content that connects with your audience.

In today’s social economy, every brand out there is fighting for your attention on social media. Do you find yourself struggling to stand out and be heard? 

The key, you will find, is in the content you create.

What will make the difference between you and your nearest competitor is your message, and how you choose to connect.

During this FREE webinar, we’ll discuss 10 techniques to help you create more thoughtful, beautiful, effective content that drives your audience to engage, share, and bond with your brand.


PLUS, (shhh! another secret!) you’ll get a sneak peek of my upcoming course being released November 23rd – Universal Marketing Theory for Small Businesses!

Register now to save your spot and you’ll receive my BONUS GUIDE3 Marketing Tools Every Small Business Owner Needs – which includes 3 tools that I use absolutely every day to streamline my work and to make it more powerful.

I look forward to seeing you! Bring all of your questions for the LIVE Q&A!



marketing class online universal marketing theory inbound marketing danni eickenhorst

3, 2, 1… LAUNCHING small business marketing theory classes! Enroll now!

marketing class online universal marketing theory inbound marketing danni eickenhorstSince 2007, I’ve been working to help nonprofits and small businesses find a way to master social media – first as a freelancer, and now as the head of a growing agency. What a journey!

My career leveraging social and digital media for small business and nonprofit growth began with me being the one ODDBALL in the office that saw potential in the new medium, then trying to persuade others to give it a try.

My pitch for getting them to use social was something like, “It’s FREE. Everyone I know is trying it. I think we should see what we can do with it.” 

Today, I can say that my instincts were spot-on.

I’ve been able to realize:

  • More than $500,000.00 in funds directly raised for nonprofits
  • More than $2,000,000.00 in funds indirectly raised for nonprofits
  • More than $150,000.00 in in-kind donations and media exposure donated to nonprofits and small businesses
  • Multiple political & community-building campaign successes
  • 2 years and around 50 happy clients through my agency, Blank Page Consulting

One area where I’ve struggled as an entrepreneur and a marketer is being able to give enough of my time and my knowledge to make a difference. For two years, I’ve donated 10-20 hours of my time each and every month to local nonprofits and startups in order to provide them with the support and tools they need to market more effectively. While I know I’ve been able to make an impact, I’ve never felt that I could give them all of the tools they needed in our brief encounters.

To remedy that, I set out to develop a fully formed course that would provide them with all of the insights and knowledge they would need to successfully market their businesses with limited time and limited funds.

Yesterday, I officially (and quietly) launched that course! 

Universal Marketing Theory is a 6-week course that provides entrepreneurs, nonprofits and startups with the basic foundational knowledge they need to succeed.

Registration is open now and the self-paced course will kick off with lessons delivered weekly, starting November 23rd! In lieu of our hours donated each month, we will now provide a limited number of organizations with free access to this course each month, starting in 2016.

Looking to register now? Lucky you! Those who register before the official open date on November 23rd can save $50 on their fee by using promo code “smartypants.” 🙂 You can register at

I hope to see your name on the list! Can’t wait to hear all that you do with what you learn!

The 6-part course offers the following with each lesson:

-Video lecture/instruction by yours truly

-A case study that demonstrates the principles in action, and

-A takeaway tool that you can use in implementation.

Lesson 1: Inbound Marketing Theory – Basics & Goals

Lesson 2: Attracting the right audience

Lesson 3: Motivation & Methods

Lesson 4: Converting prospects

Lesson 5: Measuring success

Lesson 6: Tools & Tricks for lasting success


Basic Course: Lectures Only $199

Next Level: Lectures + Case Studies + Materials $299

Premiere Package: Lectures + Case Studies + Materials + 30 minute consultation with Danni Eickenhorst $399



st louis big ideas on small business

“Big Ideas on Small Business” event

st louis big ideas on small businessLearn social media marketing basics from Blank Page Consulting’s Danni Eickenhorst

Do you own a small business? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Join our very own Danni Eickenhorst Thursday November 12 at 8 am to learn how to navigate social media as a small business owner. This presentation will be part of a FREE series of weekly seminars on how to own, start, and operate a small business, held by St. Vincent Greenway, Inc.

At the November 12 Big Ideas on Small Business workshop event, Danni will discuss the basics of digital marketing and how to choose where to spend your time. She will give a hands-on demonstration of Facebook pages and will allow time for Q&A from attendees.

To RSVP contact Anna Muckermann at (314) 436-7009 x128 OR send an email to OR send a message to their Facebook page:

how to get reviews and testimonials reputation management marketing

How to Get Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are an excellent tool for generating new leads and customers. These days, people will hesitate to buy a sandwich before they check out a few reviews, so they certainly aren’t very likely to give you their business if they can’t research you online first. Of course, getting reviews and testimonials can be a slow process, so it’s best to get a few strategies down early.

First of all, it’s important to know the difference between a review and testimonial, as well as which one you need for different applications.

Reviews are generally done on websites dedicated to reviews such as Yelp, Google, Tripadvisor, etc. Each site will have their own set up, some asking for more information than others. You’ll want to choose the sites that fit your industry, so if you’re a travel company, you absolutely need to be on Trip Advisor, but if you’re a contractor, you’ll find Angie’s List to be more worthy of your time and efforts. Review sites also rely heavily on a rating system that is averaged into an overall score, such as 4 out of 5 stars. When it comes to reviews, you can’t really have too many as long as most of them are positive and keeping your overall rating up.

Testimonials are generally longer and meant to be used on you business’s website or in promotional materials. Their purpose is to serve as proof of your expertise as told by your satisfied customers. Unlike reviews, testimonials rely more heavily on detailed experiences, not an overall rating, and because of that, you’ll want to limit your testimonials to the best of the best.

So how can you get reviews and testimonials?

Ask Your Customers

Many business owners hate doing this, and it can feel a bit awkward, but the truth is, you will get much better results if you have the courage to ask. You can also make sure to ask customers you know were satisfied with your products or services, as happy customers are usually willing to write you a nice review or provide a testimonial. If asking a customer flat out seems a little too uncomfortable for you, try adding a note onto a follow up email or invoice. It could be as simple as saying, “How did we do? We’d love to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve upon our business. We would truly appreciate it if you could stop by (Review Site) and share your experience.”

Make sure you make providing a review as simple as possible for your customer. If you are asking for a review on a specific site, make sure you provide a link directly to your page along with specific instructions on how to navigate that site.

If you are asking for a testimonial, you’ll need to give them some instructions as well, which brings us to our next tip.

Ask for structured feedback

One of the biggest problems with getting testimonials is that customers generally provide fairly lackluster feedback when they are put on the spot. Someone that loved your service might give you something as boring as “Awesome staff! Love these people and this business, highly recommend it!” While the satisfaction and enthusiasm is there, it’s not the type of testimonial that is going to win over new customers.

When asking for a testimonial, take the pressure off the customer by providing some specific questions for them to respond to. It also gives you a chance to ask questions that are specific to your business so that the responses will provide more details. For example, if you are a tour operator, you could ask questions such as “Was this tour what you expected?” “What was your favorite part of the tour?” and “Would you recommend this tour to others? If so, who do you think would enjoy this tour and why?”

You are much more likely to get some useful blurbs about your business by providing 3-5 structured questions versus asking “Could you provide a testimonial about your experience?”

Hand out review business cards

This works especially well if you are looking to get feedback on specific employees. You can leave out business cards that have information about which review sites your business is listed on and encourage customers to log on and provide feedback. The cards can also include a blank space for employees to write their name down, which will encourage employees to hand them out in hopes of the customer writing a review that sings their praises.

Reward your customers for reviews

Give your customers something in exchange for the review. Many businesses have had great success with including links to review sites or surveys on receipts that allow the customer to get a discount code once they complete the survey. Not only does this get you more reviews, you’ll also be giving the customer a reason to come back to your business.

Another great tactic is giveaways. Let customers know that once a month, there will be a drawing to win a gift card, gift basket, or some of your merchandise/services and that all they have to do to get an entry is leave you a review or testimonial.

Keep your customers happy

And of course, the most important thing to remember when looking to get reviews and testimonials is to always keep your customer happy. When it comes to reviews, you don’t see a lot of average responses. The people who log on to leave feedback generally had an absolutely terrible experience or an amazingly awesome one. Just make sure that you are always providing the type of products and services that gets you more praise than criticism.

video sharing apps social media marketing

5 Video Sharing Apps & Sites – How They Can Help Your Business

Video production for business is a major opportunity for content marketers. With so many ways now available to create and share video content it’s easier and more accessible than ever! I want to share some of the most popular and talked-about video sharing apps and websites that can help your business share different kinds of video with your audience in distinctly different ways:


1)  Periscope


There has been so much buzz about this app that I want to lead with it. If you haven’t heard about it yet, Periscope is a Twitter-owned app that lets you make and share live streaming video broadcasts with your Twitter audience as well as your – potentially separate – Periscope audience. You can follow people you know, check out live broadcasts around the world and share your own updates. And per Mashable: “Periscope auto-saves every broadcast and, as soon as you’re done, uploads the whole thing to Periscope so people can watch streams from people they follow even if they’re not live.”

How can this help my business?

This can help your business when you would like to connect with your audience in a real-time way. Concepts that we have seen work well are: live Q&A sessions where a presenter can answer questions from their audience, both received ahead of time and shared during the broadcast within Periscope; live events such as a seminar or competition or other engaging real-life event; and regular broadcast programming, such as a weekly recurring “show” where certain topics are discussed live.

Great Example: The Rizzuto Show – 1057. The Point radio station in St. Louis





Target Instagram2)  Instagram

Instagram is the popular visual app often described as “Twitter for pictures.” But did you know this “Twitter for pictures” has offered a video feature for a couple of years, now? Users can share video clips that they have either pre-recorded and saved to their phone’s media library or that they’re shooting live. A simple editing feature allows you to trim the video down to the required 15 seconds or less, add a filter, stabilize the video, choose an intro still frame for when the video is paused before a viewer plays it and remove the sound if you prefer.

How can this help my business? Instagram video can help your business by providing more engaging content for your audience to interact with. Some of the best examples we have seen of engaging Instagram content are clearly staged ahead of time, formatted to fit on IG and sent (via Email or Dropbox or otherwise) to a mobile device for Instagram sharing.

Great Example: Target



3)  Facebook

The reach and engagement levels that we have seen for Facebook videos has been impressive to say the least. As far as distribution of video, uploading your piece directly to Facebook can be highly effective for your business goals. Facebook’s auto-play feature reaches out to grab users with motion right away rather than a still frame and they also allows you to upload 1 GB/about 20 minutes of video–though we still wouldn’t recommend that as though people are watching tons and tons of video on Facebook it can still be difficult to hold users’ attention spans in one place for that long!

How can this help my business? This can be great for your business if you have a quality audience or potential audience on Facebook. It can allow you get your video right in front of the exact eyeballs you’d love to see it.

Great Example: (Warning, series does contain some language!) Whine About It by Matt Bellasai

Ep. 23: The Worst Things About Fall

This week on the SEASON 1 FINALE of Whine About It… THE WORST THINGS ABOUT FALL.We'll be back with Season 2 of Whine About It on Oct. 28, but make sure you stay tuned for some special videos in the meantime!

Posted by Matt Bellassai on Wednesday, October 7, 2015


4)  Twitter

Twitter video allows users to watch video clips that are up to 30 seconds long right in their newsfeed. Vine, also owned by Twitter, can also be used in this way as it integrates with Twitter but Vine maxxes out at a mere 6 seconds long but creates a loop. Vine also has its own separate app and active network that isn’t necessarily as active on Twitter.

How can this help my business? Twitter video can help your business if you have an audience or potential audience on their network. You can reach your followers by sending fun, interactive content to help break up their otherwise still newsfeed!

Great Example: Beggin’

Beggin' Howloween Twitter


5)  YouTube

YouTube still has a special place in our hearts as it’s still the largest video network in the world, it’s highly portable & videos can be embedded right on your website, and it’s owned by Google so optimized videos can rank in their search algorithm. Among other things. They also offer some robust advertising solutions we’ve used to great results for clients as well as features that allow your user to engage more deeply with your video such as Cards and Annotations. YouTube is still our number one recommendation for businesses who are looking to build a highly accessible video content library.

How can this help my business? YouTube can help your business in so many ways from allowing you to create the library of video mentioned above to getting very rich content from your business into search engines where users can find it.

Great Example: Marie Forleo – Marie TV

Marie Forleo Marie TV

Want us to tell you more about why YouTube rocks our world or how we’ve used some of these other tools for our clients? Get in touch!

keys to creating compelling video video production

Keys to compelling social media video content


By Danni Eickenhorst

In today’s class, I discussed the keys of compelling video with my students at UMSL Digital. Too often, this knowledge stays internal at my company, Blank Page, or between just me and my students, so I wanted to stop and share the notes and takeaways I shared with them.

Video has always been an incredibly powerful medium. It allows you to show your business, your mission in action, your benefits and impact in a deeper way that will connect with your audience. In fact, in a recent survey, 52% of marketers claim their clients have seen the highest Return On Investment (ROI) through video, more than any other medium. Why, then is it just now taking off with marketers in a broader way?

The short answer: It’s hard.

Well… it’s harder than taking 3 minutes to create a quick infographic on Canva – or writing a short blog. But it shouldn’t be impossible. If you can create a strong piece of video content, studies show that consumers will have a better understanding of your brand

Be Brief Adweek performed an audit of marketing videos that showed the average length of a video to be 2:54. Average video length for marketing videos 2:54. Other studies have shown that you have 10 seconds on average to capture someone’s attention, and another 10 seconds where people are very likely to click away. As more video content comes to the forefront, this is likely to continue to shorten. Therefore, be mindful of how to capture someone’s attention in just seconds.

Two ways to capture your audience & keep them interested:

  • WIFFM: Tell them why they should care – quickly make an emotional hook that’s all about them and not your brand.
  • GRAPHIC & TEXT ON VIDEO: With the 2015 mega-rise of video, videos are autoplayed without sound. Capture their interest with a powerful text and graphic overlay.

Be Strategic & Targeted: Your video can’t and shouldn’t be for everyone. You need to hone in on their preferences, language, interests. Be Bright: Be creative, compelling, approach something traditional from a new angle. Watch this short video that transforms the old notion of a clothing catalog. It’s cute, it’s compelling, and it uses psychological principles to keep and capture our attention – pay special attention to the strategic pauses and “jerks” in the video.

Call to Action Text Overlay: Utilize the YouTube annotations to get more than just brand awareness from your videos – but to get people to your website to engage, purchase or learn more. PROMOTION & USE OF YOUR VIDEO There’s nothing sadder than taking the time to create a gorgeous piece of video content, and not have anyone see it. Uploading to YouTube alone simply doesn’t do the trick. Consider real-world applications for the video – events, presentations. Then, upload videos to each social network individually. Facebook, Twitter, and others prefer and sometimes require you to do this – but they also reward you with a far greater level of visibility than if you fed it through a YouTube link. Create shortened teasers that link to the longer video when possible for use on channels with time constraints such as Twitter, Vine, and Instagram.

Email your video out to your mailing list. Did you know that using the word “Video” in the subject line of your emails will increase open rates by 19%, click-thru rates by up to 65%. ALWAYS IMPROVE: Review your metrics after release, draw conclusions that will help you connect with your audience in a stronger way next time. 

INTERVIEW BEST PRACTICES: As marketers, it’s our role to be invisible most of the time. When you’re working to get a testimonial, most especially, you are looking to focus your limited video time on really compelling quotes from outside sources (third party testimonials carry far more weight than brand promises). To preserve those testimonials and interviews, here are some tips for interviewing your subjects:

  • Encourage your interviewee not to look at camera, but to look at interviewer.
  • Interviewer should be invisible. Don’t overlap your talking over other person – remember to stifle your laughs too much. (More editing later)
  • Get more footage than you need.
  • Encourage your subject to answer questions completely, because you usually won’t include the interviewer’s questions in the final cut – so the answers should stand by themselves.

Looking for help with your video? We have some of the best videographers in the region at Blank Page for your smaller projects – and great larger video production partners like our friends at Pounds Media for projects that require next-level video production techniques. We’d love to chat about your next project – or to help you find creative ways to revive and promote your existing video material!


pogo sticking social media

Pogo-sticking: how to keep users on your site

So what is pogo-sticking and how does it affect your website? Pogo-sticking is when a user goes back and forth between search engine result pages and individual sites.  Basically, if a user is pogo-sticking, they are not getting the content they are searching for, which forces them to leave the destination site quickly and move back to the search results. If a user is pogo-sticking off your site, you’re getting clicks, but you are also getting a higher bounce rate. Search engines keep an eye on this type of activity, and if they find that users are continually disappointed in your site’s content, your website will fall in their search page results.

What causes pogo-sticking?

Pogo-sticking can happen when you choose to target too broad of a term. For example, if you are trying to sell someone a catering service in Denver, targeting “catering service” is far too broad. You might attract customers from outside your service area, which will result in them quickly leaving your site.

You might also be using misleading titles or descriptions. For example, if a user searches “Who should I vote for for president?” and they see a link that says “Who to vote for? Presidential Candidate Quiz” they expect to click through to a quiz. If the landing page is actually just an article explaining the candidates’ ideals versus the quiz the user was promised, the user will most likely leave the site immediately.

Another common cause has nothing to do with your content and everything to do with your load time. If the landing page is chocked-full of slow-loading elements and the user only sees a blank page or half-loaded items, they might get frustrated and impatient, causing them to give up on your site.

site speed on google analytics

How to prevent Pogo-sticking problems and keep users on your site

Get into the searcher’s head. When they search the term you are targeting, what are they looking for? What answers or solutions are they hoping to find? Then, ask yourself, does your landing page deliver? If the answer is no, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have bad content, you could simply be targeting the wrong terms.

It’s tempting to target broad terms due to the high search volume, but more traffic is not a good thing if they are leaping right back off your site. Consider using long tail search terms that are more specific to the product, service, or information you are actually offering.

Make sure your titles clearly communicate what the searcher can expect from the content if they decide to click through. Don’t rely on click-bait titles. Eye-catching titles are important to attract clicks, but high-quality sites only aim for clicks from users who will be satisfied with the content they find.

Identifying and fixing Pogo-sticking issues

Google analytics content breakdownPreventing pogo-sticking is easier than fixing it, but that doesn’t mean past content is hopeless. Take a look at your analytics and narrow in on any pages that have a high bounce rate and low session times. If you see a content page that gets a lot of traffic but very low session time (time the user spends on the page), you likely have a pogo-sticking problem. If users are not hanging out on your page long enough to actually read the content, they probably didn’t get what they were expecting when they clicked through. Re-evaluate these pages and consider using more specific search terms or changing the title to something more relevant to the actual content.

You should also consider the web page load time as well as how your site appears on different devices. Analytics will show you the bounce rate and session time specific to different browsers and operating systems. Take a look and see if any browsers or operating systems have higher bounce rates than others, then test your landing pages to see if you can identify any lag or compatibility issues.

Give the people what they want

When it comes to keeping users on your site, the number one thing you need to do is give the people what they ask for. Search engines aim to satisfy users on the first click, so if your page is showing up high in their results, they expect you to be able to answer the searcher’s query effectively. Deliver on that, and you’ll see a significant increase in time spent on your site and maintain your high ranking with the search engine.

Have questions about how to make your pages user-friendly? Contact us so we can help!

how to get reviews and testimonials reputation management marketing

Higher education marketing consulting yields incredible results


Blank Page Consulting’s work with a national university results in 100% increase in student enrollment

Earlier this year, we were asked to assist a national university in marketing their new online Masters and Doctoral level exercise science programs to prospective students. This week, we learned that our work (Phase I of a planned multi-phase approach) resulted in a DOUBLE the enrollment in their fall semester over their spring. We are so thrilled to know that we helped them achieved this milestone, and wanted to share our approach, in the event that it can help others working on university enrollment marketing or higher education growth campaigns.

Setting Goals for Higher Education Marketing 

In meeting with the client, we laid out goals for a multi-phase approach to long-term growth and outreach to support the university’s brand awareness and growth. We set out to:

  • Increase the number of students enrolled in the programs
  • Enhance the professional reputation of the University’s program as a leader in exercise science education.
  • Attract high quality students
  • Attract and retain world-class faculty

Strategy & Tactics

In order to achieve these goals, we put our initial focus on:

  • Increase the number of students enrolled in the programs
    • Achieved with a comprehensive SEO and PPC strategy
    • Complemented with a strategic higher education social media strategy
    • Working to consider user experience on the website – enhancing content and design in order to improve the likelihood that visitors would want to reach out to recruiters and apply for the program.
  • Enhance the professional reputation of the University’s program as a leader in exercise science education.
    • Creating content to showcase their expertise as leaders in athletic training and exercise sports medicine.
      • Worked to showcase student success, job placement, employability
      • Highlighted program flexibility, asynchronous curriculum, program cost saving and value.
  • Attract high quality students and world-class faculty
    • Achieved by working with recruiters to develop a better experience for students
    • Creating content to highlight achievements of students and instructors
    • Working to develop a broader strategy to grow brand name awareness with their industry

Higher Education Marketing & SEO Impact

At the end of this short-term consulting engagement, we were able to provide the university with long-term plan recommendations that would ultimately DOUBLE their registration from the spring to fall semester. During the short period where we worked hands-on with their team, we were able to realize the following increases:

SEO Impact 

In just 3 months, we were able to improve the university’s search visibility for their strategic keywords from 2.49% to 10.49%. We also realized the following improvements:

  • 622% increase in search impressions
  • 127.94% increase in clicks from search
  • 8.88% increase in keyword positions overall

General Website Analytics

In just 3 months, we were able to realize the following website traffic improvements:

  • 85% increase in sessions since start
  • 107% increase in users since start
  • 15% increase in bounce rate (reviewing)

Is your university seeking a higher education marketing consulting team to increase brand name awareness and to increase student enrollment? We’d absolutely love to help. Contact us to discuss your goals and to learn more about the support we can offer.


10 google chrome extensions every marketer needs marketing tools

10 Google Chrome Extensions Every Marketer Needs

By: Taylor Bartley

To be honest, we don’t know what we would do without our favorite Google Chrome extensions here at Blank Page. They save us so much time throughout our day, and the fact that they are free makes them even better. Not sure what extensions are? When using your Google Chrome browser, you can download small software programs, called extensions, that can improve or modify the functionality of your experience when using Google Chrome. Extensions are pretty much a “must have” for any marketer. We have compiled a list of our favorite and most productive extensions to help you organize your digital life and save you time.

1. LastPass Password Management Tool

last pass secure passwordsThis is a site that safely manages passwords for sites you choose. As a marketer, you likely have dozens of sites you visit that are password protected. If you have read any news headlines in the past year, you know that there are many people with malicious intent waiting to take your personal information. LastPass is your solution to secure password protection. It also generates extremely secure passwords when signing up within a website for the first time if you do not want to use a common password. This extension is a lifesaver when you have client passwords you need to save and keep secure.

2. ColorZilla for Color Identification

This handy tool is very similar to the color eyedropper tool Adobe products use. With this extension, you can use the eyedropper to pick any color from a web page you are exploring to get the rgb and hex color codes. This allows you to use the exact color you find on a site in your projects. Pair this tool with Canva or other graphic design software and you will become a branding pro! This extension is what I like to call a “Marketer’s dream.”

3. Grammarly grammar-proofs your content

This is not your normal spell check. Although one of the handiest things Grammarly does is quickly catch your spelling errors in places spell check does not exist, this tool does even more. We consider it the next step up from your general spell check. It has a contextual spelling checker and helps greatly with vocabulary enhancement. Grammarly works wherever you write, which is why we love this extension!

4. Page Analytics gives you deeper insights into user behavior

As you know, it is important to check your site analytics throughout the week. This tool is incredibly handy when reviewing the user experience on your site because you are able to review how your site performs in a new way.

page analytics google chrome plugin extension marketing

As you can see in the screenshot above, the orange boxes indicate the click thru rate of your audience. The extension button on your browser acts as an “on” and “off” button, so you can easily toggle back and forth between your analytics and the regular website view.

5. Save to Pocket – more than just bookmarks

In short, no more bookmarks! This works on your mobile device as well and is ultimately a site that pulls up your saved pages and articles. We love that everything can be categorized to easily find the article you are looking for.

6. WhatFont identifies fonts from websites

Have you ever been on a site and wondered what gorgeous font was being used? This extension is your solution. Download the WhatFont Chrome Extension and all you have to do is point and click in order to find out any font that is being used on the site you are exploring. While it isn’t accurate 100% of the time, it does help identify font characteristics when the original font can’t be identified – gothic, sans serif, serif, and more.

whatfont google chrome extension identify fonts

7. Bitly shortens URL length & tracks link activity

When sharing a link in a social media post, you want it to be as short as possible. Bitly does exactly this for you. All you have to do is go to the site you want a link to, click the Bitly extension button on your browser, then a shortened link is automatically configured and ready to copy. When you create a free Bitly account, you can view the clicks of the link you shared, customize the link, and more.

8. Pin It Button allows you to pin to Pinterest from anywhere

Not only is Pinterest everyone’s guilty pleasure, it is also great for business. Having the “Pin it” button on your extensions bar is a quick and easy way to stay active on Pinterest even when you are focused on something else. When an image or page appears that you feel is share-worthy, hover over an image and click “Pin it,” to pin it to your account.

9. WiseStamp adds gorgeous functionality to your email signature

We love this Google Chrome extension because it allows you to generate professional email signature for free. Take a look at our President, Danni Eickenhorst’s, email signature. You can easily add links with graphics and are not limited by what your email service provider allows in your email signature. Perfect for any marketing professional.

email signature extension google chrome

10. Momentum

This extension is a new one I am trying, but I am absolutely in love. I like to think it gives me moments of zen every day when I open a new tab. The best way to introduce this extension is to show what it does. See why this is my new favorite extension below.


Have other Google Chrome extensions you can’t live without? Tell us below in the comments!