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St. Charles Marketing Resources


Although Blank Page Consulting is located in Creve Coeur, the company has put together a list of marketing resources for businesses in St. Charles, MO to extend their reach and ultimately generate more publicity and leads. Not all of these marketing mediums are created equal, but depending on your business, it could be the right choice for you.

Networking Opportunities

Greater St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce launched a Chamber Social Network to document and deliver more leads to members, in addition to facilitating communication between members. Chamber members also receive free advertising incentives to send leads or post their own needs within the network.

Social Media Club was founded in 2006 and the St. Charles Chapter (SMCTC) welcomes individuals and organizations interested in collaborating in order to promote media literacy. Journalists, educators, and media users from all backgrounds come together to discuss the direction of modern media and how each industry may benefit from its growth. Find SMCTC on Facebook or Twitter for information on upcoming events, including happy hours and panel discussions.

Hyper Local Media benefits local business in under served media markets. The hyper local online paper provides bloggers and businesses with a free medium for showcasing stories, job openings, press releases and events. Low-cost on-site advertising options are also available.

Local Print and Mail Media

Newsmagazine Network consists of two local publications serving West St. Louis and St. Charles with a direct-mail circulation of more than 131,000 households. Advertisements have the most prominent position on every page, which ensures that content reaches readers. Additional content is available on, Facebook and Twitter.

Money Mailer is a low-cost direct mail option well suited for local shops, retail and restaurants. Coupons are also available online and via a Money Mailer Coupons app. Contact Money Mailer for pricing and recommendations to use in your next campaign.

MarketVolt is a global leader in email marketing that aims to help businesses streamline operations and increase revenue. Learn more about how email marketing strategies and other interactive technologies can help your business here.

Promotional Products

HALO Branded Solutions caters to your needs, big or small. Experienced branding advice combined with a wide variety of product options will guarantee that your unique message reaches your audience effectively and yields results. Call 314-272-0246 to discuss your promotional options or browse the products available on their website. Products are even categorized by type as well as specific features such as Eco-Friendly or Made in the USA in order to ensure that products are in line with your company’s mission.

Instant Imprints offers a wide variety of products to complete your outreach efforts, including apparel, embroidery, print materials, signage and promotional items. This locally owned and operated company has an extensive showroom in St. Charles that displays its products so you can fully grasp the look and feel of the final product.


Summer Success! Nonprofit marketing project leaves impact

Pakt Community Center Nonprofit Marketing Ferguson Nonprofit Marketing St Louis Toni Burrows

Results from our summer nonprofit marketing project serving Pakt Community Resource Center in North St. Louis county

Pakt Community Resource Center is a nonprofit organization located in Ferguson, MO.  When our services were donated to help I Love Ferguson in 2014, we were introduced to Toni Burrows, the Executive Director of the North St. Louis County nonprofit. A bundle of energy and passion, Toni works tirelessly to serve families in need in her community. As a one-woman non-profit, she served over 12,000 people last year with the help of volunteers and board members.  

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, its mission over the years has been to provide faith-based financial and food assistance to those in need.  In addition, Pakt offers an after school program to kids of the community as well as a summer day camp—both of which provide the children with a STEAM (STEM + Arts) curriculum, which includes a robotics program.  

At Blank Page, we work to donate 10 to 30 hours a month to nonprofits and small businesses in need of marketing help. Typically, this is given in business and marketing consultations, but this summer, we had the opportunity to do something special. We chose to give an entire summer of donated time to one non-profit – Pakt Community Resource Center.

Current graduate student and marketing intern here at Blank Page, Matthew Maurer, spent the summer working directly with Pakt on their nonprofit marketing strategy—both for their website and their social media.  Upon starting at Pakt, it was evident that there was much work to accomplish.  Both their website,, and their Facebook page were out of date, and in need of a visual overhaul.  As such, Matthew’s first task was to get things up-to-date.  This included creating a new logo and banner for Pakt’s website along with new graphics and banners for their Facebook.

logo improvement nonprofit marketing nonprofit logo design Search Engine Optimization

After the visuals were updated, one of the aspects that are fundamental to our non profit marketing approach at Blank Page is SEO—Search Engine Optimization.  SEO entails going through each page and post on the website and optimizing it so that the pages and posts appear in search engine searches such as Google or Yahoo.  This involves researching what keywords are searched most often that are relevant to Pakt’s articles and finding a way to meaningfully incorporate said keywords into their pages and posts. Matthew worked to make fixes to their site, and to develop content to support their new keyword strategy. He went through every page and post that already existed and optimized them in order to increase traffic to the website via search engines.

nonprofit content creation pakt community center nonprofit marketing st louis marketing agency

New Content Creation  

While optimizing old content on the website is important in and of itself, the time had come to start publishing new content via both the website and social media in order to increase traffic.  During the summer, possibly the biggest ongoing event for Pakt is its summer day camp.  The summer camp provided Matthew with ample opportunities to capture and tell a variety of stories of the lives of both the summer campers and the volunteers at Pakt.  Over the course of the summer, Matthew wrote up a vast number of blogs, detailing the happenings at the summer camp, which included activities such as the robotics program, West African Dance lessons, a field trip to Camp Manitowa in Benton, IL, and more.  In addition to the blogs, Matthew took plenty of photographs—which he compiled into galleries on the website—and videos, which were uploaded to a newly created YouTube page for Pakt.

Legacy Campaign

Legacy Campaign Nonprofit Marketing St Louis Marketing AgencyAlongside telling Pakt’s story through blogs, pictures, and videos, Matthew worked with Pakt’s Executive Director, Toni Burrows, on creating something that had long been a dream of hers—a Legacy Campaign.  Five years ago, Toni Burrows came up with an idea of a Legacy Campaign where organizations and individuals could pledge an annual donation to Pakt and, in turn, be recognized on Pakt’s website.  The Legacy Campaign would provide the organization with a long-term plan for the future.  Being a non profit, Pakt relies solely on donations, grants, and gifts in kind.  Thus, having a pledge system would allow Pakt to reliably know how much money they are going to have each year in order to stay afloat and continue serving the community.  After a month or so of work on the Legacy Campaign, Toni’s vision became a reality, and the Legacy Campaign is now permanently affixed on their website.  Those who pledge an annual donation to Pakt will receive their organization or personal name on a Bronze, Silver, or Gold plaque based on their level of donation—along with a link to their website.

The Results

So, after all of this—updating the website and optimizing it, posting new content out on the website and social media, and creating and promoting the Legacy Campaign, the big question comes—how successful was all of this?  We used Google Analytics to monitor the traffic on Pakt’s website.  Over the course of the eight weeks that Matthew worked with Pakt, the website saw a huge boost in traffic compared to the eight weeks prior to Matthew coming on with Pakt.  

There are two statistics that we specifically looked at: all sessions and organic traffic.  All sessions refers to anyone and everyone who comes and visits the website either by finding it in a search engine, clicking a link from another website, directly typing in the website, etc.  Organic traffic refers to sessions opened specifically from search engines.  This second statistic is important because it lets us know the success of our search engine optimization.  

Here are the results:

SEO Content Marketing Agency Results

All Sessions

As seen in the graphic, total sessions are up 54.58% for Pakt’s website, which means that more people are visiting the website than before.  In terms of unique users, that’s up 42.04%.  Sessions and users differ in that users can start more than one session by leaving the website and coming back.  Pageviews and pages per session are up 109.72% and 35.67%, respectively, meaning that people are viewing more pages on the website than they did previously.  They’re also spending 60.58% more time on the website. 

Organic Traffic

While the first graphic showcases all of the sessions, the more accurate telling of our work at Pakt is the organic traffic.  The numbers overall are a lot higher such that there were 101.30% more sessions opened, 54.19% more unique users who viewed 153.58% more pages, and spent 15.03% longer on the website. The bounce rate for organic traffic roughly remained the same while returning visitors went up nearly 20%.  


marketing training corporate marketing training marketing classes

Blank Page rolls out one-time marketing consultations for growing businesses!

Growing businesses have growing marketing needs. For businesses that have a marketing team or the skills to market, but who are in need of strategy, we are rolling out one-time and short-term marketing consultations. We will accept up to 3 businesses per month into this new program. Reach out & reserve your September slot now!

Basic Marketing Consultation

A one-time consultation with our team will set you up for marketing success that builds on your business goals. Fees include:

  • Discovery: Our team will review your marketing assets and strategy and your marketing/industry in advance of our meeting. We will provide you with forms to fill out in advance of our first meeting so we’re ready to dig in and provide you with a plan of action.
  • Review & Strategy Session: You will meet with one of our consultants to discuss your business and to review our findings. The meeting will last on average 90 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Launch: After your meeting with our team, we will send you on your way with a guidebook specific to your needs that lays out your marketing strategy for your team to launch. We will also provide you with notes or a recording of our session for reference.

Comprehensive Marketing Consultation

Our comprehensive consultation will set you up for marketing success that builds on your business goals. Fees include:

  • Advanced Discovery: Our team will review your marketing assets and strategy and your marketing/industry in advance of our meeting. We will perform competitor research and will uncover competitive data on your market. We will provide you with forms to fill out in advance of our first meeting so we’re ready to dig in and provide you with a plan of action.
  • Message Map Development: Our team will develop messaging recommendations that will serve as the basis for all of your marketing, public relations and social content.
  • 2 Review & Strategy Sessions: You will meet with one of our consultants to discuss your business and to review our findings. This will include 2 60-minute sessions.
  • Hands-On Social Media Tune-Up: Our team will help your team get your digital channels in line with branding, messages and general setup. Maximum of 3.5 hours.
  • Custom SEO Ranking Report: We will assess your domain, highlighting errors and the value of any traffic you currently have.
  • Launch: After your meeting with our team, we will send you on your way with a guidebook specific to your needs that lays out your marketing strategy for your team to launch. We will also provide you with notes or a recording of our session for reference.

Optional Maintenance

One-Time Consultation clients have the option of additional future sessions for marketing training, check-ins or quarterly strategy review sessions, including:

  • Social Media & Digital Marketing Training Sessions: We offer these in 2 hour increments on the topic of your choice. We schedule as many sessions are needed. Cost is per session. Every individual requires a different level of training.
    • Facebook 101, Strategy & Ads
    • Twitter 101, Strategy & Ads training
    • General Social Strategy
    • Content Creation – Best Practices, Strategy & Planning Session
    • SEO Basics
    • Website Review & Tutorial
  • Quarterly Marketing Strategy Sessions: We offer quarterly review sessions to help you stay on pace. For $295.00, we will review your current marketing efforts, help you fine-tune your team’s efforts and offer suggestions to enhance your outreach. This includes review and preparation by our team and a 60-minute quarterly meeting.
  • Quarterly Business Strategy Reviews: Separate from your marketing review, these sessions take place with our in-house accountant & business strategy consultant. These sessions ensure that your business stays on track for optimal growth and profitability. These sessions include up to 2 hours of review and research by our team, plus a 90 minute strategy session.
  • Monthly Coaching Calls: Schedule monthly calls with your consultant to check in, ask questions, and to make sure you’re on track. Calls may last up to 45 minutes.



Request Pricing & Details We’ll deliver a quote to your inbox in minutes & keep you in the loop on the latest from Blank Page Consulting. 100% Privacy. We don’t spam.


Request Pricing & Details We’ll deliver a quote to your inbox in minutes & keep you in the loop on the latest from Blank Page Consulting. 100% Privacy. We don’t spam.

st louis marketing resources st louis

2015 List of St. Louis Marketing Resources

As a full-service marketing firm based in Creve Coeur, Blank Page Marketing curated a list of marketing resources for businesses in the St. Louis area looking to increase their reach.

St. Louis Networking Opportunities

St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce strives to improve st. Louis by bringing the region’s stakeholders together to solve regional issues. The chamber touts that, “Businesses of all sizes from startups to FORTUNE 1000s, non-profits, government agencies, education institutions, healthcare and labor organizations are included in this alliance.” Visit the Member Center for more information on how to get involved.

Cortex Innovation Community provides the collaborative framework for St. Louis’ growing variety of startup companies and established businesses. As a major headquarters town, St. Louis is also home to the nation’s fastest-growing technology incubator. These communities recognize that they can benefit from each other through mentorship and financial support. Networking opportunities within Cortex include:

  • BioSTL Coalition: fosters collaborative efforts between civic, academic, and business leaders to advance regional prosperity by harnessing our world-class medical and plant biosciences.
  • The Venture Café Foundation: This not-for-profit organization strives to build innovation communities locally, as well as nationally and internationally, by expanding the definition of innovation through conversations and collaborations. Local weekly gatherings take place on Thursdays from 3:00 to 8:00 pm and feature roundtable discussions, information booths, and guest speakers.

treehouse networkshop st louis marketingTreehouse Networkshop is a monthly networking event that aims to connect people from all industries in hopes of developing relationships first and then identifying opportunities to collaborate. Anyone seeking to cultivate professional or personal connections in a positive and relaxed environment is welcome.

In addition to monthly meetups, Treehouse founder Wesley Hoffman moderates a quarterly Meeting of the Minds panel featuring local entrepreneurs, tastemakers, and influencers.

All Treehouse news and motivational content is available via YouTube, the Treehouse Lifestyle and StrangeHouse podcasts, FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr.

Hyper Local Media benefits local business in under-served media markets. The hyper local online paper provides bloggers and businesses with a free medium for showcasing stories, job openings, press releases and events. Low-cost on-site advertising options are also available. Find your community’s Patch site here.

St. Louis Jewish Light has provided an award-winning Jewish community newspaper since 1947. The publication has a weekly readership of around 14,000 and is available in both print and online formats. Learn more and check out advertising options here.

Local Print and Mail Media

Money Mailer is a low-cost direct mail option that works well for local shops, retail and restaurants. Coupons are also available online and via a Money Mailer Coupons app. Contact Money Mailer for pricing and recommendations to use in your next campaign.

MarketVolt is a global leader in email marketing that aims to help businesses streamline operations and increase revenue. Learn more about how email marketing strategies and other interactive technologies can help your business here.

Promotional Products

STL-Style is your one-stop shop for building the identity of your local brand, from branding air fresheners to USB drives. Their site even provides a custom product search tool to help get you started!

Art Farm STL is a full service screen printing shop and graphic design studio. The company also offers onsite printing for select local events. Request a copy of their catalog to view textile options.

Firecracker Press specializes in letterpress paper products and operates out of two locations, one on Cherokee Street and one in Old North. Their hand-crafted offerings include posters, prints, stationary, greeting cards, business cards, and invitations.



Landing Page Templates Built for Conversion

By: Danni Eickenhorst

When you utilize landing pages in your marketing, you are statistically more likely to convert web page visitors to take an action within your website. Whether you’re looking for sales, followers, quote requests or shares, these short pages allow you to fully focus your message with the aim of getting your visitors to take a single action.

A website homepage is typically designed with to give a broad overview of your company’s services, products or wider mission. A website homepage will often include links to other parts of your site, which may lead website visitors off the direct conversion path. A landing page allows you a chance to remove distractions, focusing your visitors on the action you want them to take.

While many website themes have built-in templates for main pages, subpages and blog articles, most don’t come with a built-in landing page option built for conversion. Luckily, there are some great landing page templates designed for conversion, and easily customizable to match or compliment your existing website theme.

Below are three that we’ve had a chance to try out recently.

landing page wordpress templateLaunchkit Variant WordPress Landing Page Theme

Launchkit is a complete landing page solution with unlimited potential and marketing appeal. It offers clear, balanced content blocks that create ample opportunity for visitor conversion.

Each block comes in a number of configurations – which allows you the chance to do A/B testing. Use Variant to easily experiment with different header layouts, colours and fonts to best target your potential customers.

Launchkit’s landing pages are easily designed with their built-in page builder and comes with an easy pre-built demo for you to start your design with. It includes easily inlaid opportunities for multimedia content – pictures and video – and syncs your leads with Mailchimp.

Click here for more on Launchkit.





While most of the landing page templates on the market tend to be geared toward marketing either events or mobile apps, we love Flatpack because they have a 19 built-in options for a variety of industries, including:

  • Real Estate Landing Pages
  • Medical Landing Pages
  • Agency Landing Pages
  • EBook Landing Pages
  • Business & Corporate Landing Pages
  • University Landing Pages
  • & More!

“Flatpack” has some impressive capabilities including drag and drop design, responsive design, unlimited colors, optional parallax design and Mailchimp Integration. Check out this mighty powerful theme through Envato. 



keynote-lanlanding-page-template-conversion-wordpressKeynote Conference Landing Page Template for WordPress

The Keynote Conference Landing Page template was chosen for a recent event series we built for a client. The fact that we chose it should speak volumes about our opinion. The layout couldn’t be more versatile. Utilizing Goodlayer content builder, the theme has simple drag-and-drop functionality – and extremely thorough instructions. Perfect for a conference or event series, the theme optionally facilitates ticket sales or RSVP’s and syncs with a built-in email marketing system and Paypal payments. Offering gorgeous interaction between modules, you can attach speaker bios to event sessions and vice versa. Kudos to Goodlayers on this gorgeous design. We couldn’t have asked for more!

At $48, this is our most expensive template, but as they say, “You get what you pay for.” This template offers all of the features – none of the headaches. Click here for more on this landing page template.





book marketing book festival st louis book marketing consultant

Painting for Peace Book Representing the State of Missouri at National Book Festival

book marketing book festival st louis book marketing consultantA note from our clients, Painting for Peace in Ferguson:

We’re thrilled to share with you that ​Painting for Peace in Ferguson was chosen to represent the state of Missouri in the 2015 Library of Congress National Book Festival — the largest book fair in the country — in September. The Missouri  Center for the Book made the selection.

The 15th annual festival in Washington, D.C., will be at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on Sept. 5, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. More than 100 authors, poets and illustrators are expected to be on hand for the day, which attracts 100,000 visitors.

That’s not all the good news we have to share. Since its publication in February, we’ve sold nearly 2,000 paper- and hard-back editions. Now, we’re about to launch our second edition, with a new national publisher: Amphorae Publishing Group, based in St. Louis. The new second edition is expected out Aug. 1, 2015.

We heard recently from representatives of the Missouri Center for the Book, who graciously shared why the organization chose Painting for Peace as its selection at the National Book Festival, saying “it represents such a timely and beautiful story of hope.”

The second edition of the book will also showcase more than 160 images of art and acknowledge more than 300 artists and volunteers who participated in Paint for Peace STL. Without the work and vision of the community, this could not have happened.

With the new publisher and national distribution, Painting for Peace in Ferguson will be available at book stores throughout the country. Until recently, the book was available at local St. Louis retailers, on its website or through Amazon.

It has been rewarding to hear stories from teachers and parents about how they’ve used Painting for Peace in Ferguson as a tool to help start conversations about the issues that come between us. Now, we hope that tool will be available more widely, along with the additional resources and links to curriculum suggestions on the Painting for Peace website.

creve coeur marketing

Creve Coeur Marketing Resources

As a full-service marketing firm, based in Creve Coeur, we wanted to share a list of marketing resources for St. Louis area businesses looking to grow in the West St. Louis suburbs.

Networking Opportunities

For businesses growing in the area, there are 3 really active hyper local groups for B2B, B2C and nonprofit organizations:

Creve Coeur-Olivette Chamber of Commerce: The chamber offers networking opportunities several times a month, including a small monthly B2B networking group, lead sharing coffees, monthly luncheons and yearly events. Blank Page Consulting has been an active member of the CCO Chamber since 2014 and we’ve benefited from both the resources and referrals this group provides. Click here for their event calendar.

Young Professionals Network: This West County-based networking group primarily serves those working in the real estate and home finance industries. They host regular events related to real estate industry advocacy, career growth and peer mentorship. Check out their LinkedIn Group here.

Hyper Local Media Though less active than they have been in previous years, we still see benefit in sharing news with’s Creve Coeur site. The hyper local online paper provides local bloggers and businesses with an opportunity to showcase their stories, job openings, press releases and events for free. Low-cost on-site advertising options are also available. Check out the local here.

St. Louis Jewish Light: Since 1947, the St. Louis Jewish Light has provided an award-winning Jewish community newspaper. They offer both print and online formats. They focus on serving the St. Louis Jewish community and has a weekly readership of around 14,000. The paper is based in West St. Louis, but serves the entire region. Learn more and check out advertising options here.

Local Print and Mail Media

Money Mailer: Perhaps you’ve seen their monthly envelopes in your inbox stuffed with coupons and local opportunities? Creve Coeur Chamber member Jane Massey represents Money Mailor, a low cost opportunity tends to work for local shops, retail and restaurants very well. Choose from 37 locations and 12 different sends each year. Coupons are also shown online and in a downloadable app. Contact Jane for pricing and recommendations for your next campaign.

MarketVolt: You may be familiar with the small MarketVolt logo on the bottom of many emails you receive. That is because MarketVolt is a Creve Coeur based company who is taking over email marketing as we know it all over the globe. They aim to help businesses streamline operations, increase revenue and generally prosper, using email marketing and other interactive technologies. Learn more about how MarketVolt can help your business here.

Promotional Products

Two of our local favorite for promotional products are Big Frog and Tessler Promotions. For uber-personal service, Larry Tessler works strictly offline – phone calls and personal visits with samples and extraordinary service. From pens to coasters and even branded flash drives, Tessler Promotions offers the lowest cost promotional printing we’ve found in the area. Call Larry direct at (314) 995-9977.

Big Frog, based off Old Ballas Road, offers quick turnaround printing on promotional t-shirts with no fees, no minimums and completion in as little as 24 hours. Check them out online here or stop in to their shop at 10552 Old Ballas Road 6 days a week.

alternatives to hubspot

Marketing MacGyver’s small business alternative to HubSpot

By Danni Eickenhorst

Serving small businesses and nonprofits for most of my career, I’ve become a bit of a MacGyver. I can piece together tools and tricks to accomplish most any marketing aim on a shoestring budget. Most recently, I was asked by a client to audit whether Hubspot was something they should budget for, and I provided them with my honest response, considering their needs and their budget. Below, you will find assessment.

First – know that I have a major crush on Hubspot. Their functionality is unparalleled. For large corporations or those with a substantial budget and an engaged sales support team, this tool provides an all-in-one dashboard that maximizes their inbound marketing effectiveness by optimizing their content marketing, social media and SEO efforts. However, the strategies I’ve listed below have served my clients well as an alternative to investing in the platform.

Function Hubspot Alternative to Hubspot
CRM Management Starts at $200 up to 100 contacts, $0.10 per additional contact per month. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools we usually recommend include:Batchbook Social CRM Batchbook is CRM software designed for small businesses and organizations. Batchbook provides an affordable, cloud-accessible solution that is easy to adopt as an individual or a team. Batchbook feature set includes full contact details management, social integration, To-Do List, advanced searching, list building and reporting.Hatchbuck One of our favorite tools, this CRM has a special place in our hearts because of its roots in St. Louis. Simple, yet elegantly intelligent, Hatchbuck automates your sales and marketing efforts overnight by turning emails into conversations and website visitors into warm leads. The software starts at $89.00 per month for two users and up to 2,500 contacts.
Blog + SEO  Included We use a variety of freeWordpress plugins that add the same functionality. Among them are:YOAST SEO for on-page SEO optimization (FREE).

Edit Flow for easy content editorial management and collaboration (FREE).

And a few others we keep in our pocket for our clients!

Social Media Monitoring and Publishing  Included For social monitoring of existing or known prospects,Batchbook (the CRM listed above) has social monitoring built right 30 day trial (FREE to $10 for most users) offers a robust set of social listening tools to help you identify new/previously unknown prospects. Hootsuite also allows for prescheduling of content and some social media metrics. They offer a free 30 day trial of their PRO level tools for new users.
SEO/Analytics Reporting Included Largely doable with Google Analytics free (Free).We have proprietary tools we make available to our clients at a low cost that allow for deep data dives into competitor SEO strategies, successes, ads and ppc spends. (Max $60/month)


Calls to Action Included Available with free WordPress plugin from Inbound Marketing Now provides smart calls to action, A/B testing. (Free)
Landing Page Included Available with free/low cost WordPress plugin we can build into your site. (Free, up to $20/year)
Email Marketing Included No added functionality over Emma or Mailchimp. (Low cost or Free)
Content Calendar Included There are a number of free plugins we can build into your website that allow for editorial calendar management and multi-user collaboration on articles.
 Total Cost $3,200 lowest package $12,600 midlevel package $33,800 highest level package FREE up to $1,500 with all options above at a premium level

Marketing ROI: How One Question Changed Everything

By Danni Eickenhorst

“How much money will you raise on Twitter as a result of the things you learn at this conference?”

I bet you thought I was going to say his question led me to something drastic. Pretty cliff-hanger-y title, eh?

Well… I didn’t do anything drastic, but I created the marketing ROI training webinar below – and all credit is due to that old boss for showing me the perspective that many in management have about the purpose of social media.

I wish I was kidding when I tell you that my old boss asked me this earlier in my career – quickly followed by the ever-scary, but increasingly common “What is the ROI of this [professional development] conference?”

These questions may be short-sighted, but many of the marketing teams I am brought in to empower and consult with aren’t necessarily in a position to change the minds of the leadership and boards they report to. [That’s my job… and I promise I’m trying!]

More than anything, they need REAL tools to deliver REAL results -REAL fast.

When my director asked me these questions, I was at a real point of overwhelm and asking for organizational support to find the tools I needed to perform at a higher level. I can remember thanking him for his time and heading back to my office to what felt like an insurmountable pile of work – feeling like I’d never be effective without real support from leadership to find ways to do more with very little time.

Nonprofits and small businesses are running leaner than ever these days. Development professionals are saddled with ever-increasing fundraising goals – while small business owners find themselves in a feast-and-famine sales cycle – all because they are struggling to effectively market their work due to lack of time, support, resources – or often, all 3.

While I will continue to work to educate leadership in every organization I work with about the real values of social and digital outreach, I’m less concerned with changing their minds and more concerned with giving my peers in small business and non-profit marketing the tools they need to succeed, while achieving real marketing ROI.

I recently offered a FREE 30-minute webinar on how to achieve marketing ROI. The webinar provided actionable tips on how to create captivating content that raises funds, increases sales and builds brand loyalty. So, ask the boss for just 30 minutes – and watch the webinar below and let me know what tips you have to share in the comments!

Facebook Beacons, Place Tips & Retail Marketing

By Danni Eickenhorst

Yesterday, Facebook began making Facebook Bluetooth Beacons available to select influential, Facebook-Active businesses. In coming weeks, in a secondary rollout, the units will be made available to most retail-style businesses upon request. Facebook Bluetooth Beacons are small in-store units, which the Facebook team will be configuring for each specific businesses, and which will allow business owners to preprogram welcome messages, menus, events, daily specials and other information to customers nearby as they arrive.

Facebook beacons will also update visitors about tips from friends who have been to the business previously as part of the recently rolled-out Facebook Place Tips feature.

facebook place tips iphone bluetooth beacon

For small businesses looking for another level of interactivity in their customer experience, active updates to their Place tips may provide just that. As the rollouts are first occurring to influential business owners, we were able to secure one for client Steve’s Hot Dogs St. Louis. Steve’s Hot Dogs holds regular events and issues a daily discount code on their Facebook page. Going forward, they’ll be able to share that information with clients as they arrive – giving them financial (coupon) incentive to check in on Facebook – and alerting them of upcoming events such as their Sunday Brunch concerts – so that they’ll be likely to return.

While not yet supporting ads, with Facebook’s prominent foothold in digital advertising, one can only image that this distribution of beacons is something akin to a land grab for future advertising plans. You can request your Facebook beacon for future shipping as they come available through Facebook by clicking here.

For help with making your marketing strategies more interactive, memorable and effective, reach out to Blank Page for a 30 minute consultation.


Images courtesy of Facebook and