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Blank Page Consulting Blog
Blank Page Consulting provides marketing, accounting and business planning services in St. Louis. Based in Creve Coeur, Blank Page helps businesses grow.
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Blank Page Consulting Blog

Stay up-to-date with the latest happening with St Louis marketing firm, Blank Page Consulting. Our team of expert digital marketers write about their specialities each week.

  • nonprofit marketing social media cheat sheet 2016

    My Social Media Cheat Sheet for Nonprofit Marketing

    By Danni Eickenhorst, Marketing Consultant Today, I’m preparing to speak in front of a UN of sorts – the global gathering of missionaries and representatives of Lutheran Hour Ministries. The group will be gathering today to focus on how to better tell their story as......

  • SEO class st louis facebook ads class marketing continuing education

    Fall 2016 Social Media & SEO Classes

    In September and October, we’ll be offering our two most popular classes – Facebook Ads Strategy and SEO Bootcamp – both with optional practice workshops to help you implement the skill you’ve learned. Both classes often sell out quickly, so be sure to register as......

  • marketing consultant

    Marketing Consultant Myths Debunked

    1. A marketing consultant won’t understand my business You absolutely do not need your marketing consultant to fully understand every aspect of your business. You don’t hire a marketing consultant to manage your business, you hire them to hone in on the critical pieces of......

  • How much should you spend on Facebook Ads?

      This simple, logical formula will help you plan your social ads spend. Facebook advertising offers a relatively low cost, highly effective form of advertising. For many growing businesses, Facebook ads is the most powerful advertising method available, as it allows for clear measurability, and......

  • marketing roi marketing success metrics social marketing consultant

    Measuring marketing success

    Connecting Marketing Metrics + Business Goals   Tying your marketing efforts to your business goals is a critical and often overlooked step in the creation of a marketing plan. Rather than creating exhaustive metrics reports on a monthly or quarterly basis to explain the value of......

  • 5 Signs You Need a Marketing Agency

    No matter how great your business is you won’t get very far without a solid marketing plan. Many businesses hit the ground running and wait too long to sit down focus on marketing efforts, which ends up slowing down overall growth. If any of following......


    A Quick Tip for Deeper Social Media Connections

    If you follow me on Twitter (@STLDanni), you’ll see me tweet out every random question that pops into my head. I love the collective knowledge available when you tap into this social network. Twitter, above all others, has a very active, motivated, intelligent group of......

  • google adwords tips, google adwords, google adword, what is google adwords, how to use google adwords, google adwords help, google adwords training, online advertising, google advertising, google adwords editor

    Google Adwords Tips to Increase Your ROI

    Have you ever tried using Google Adwords without any prior knowledge of how to set up an ad? To be honest, it pretty intimidating! Between campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ad extensions, it is hard to know if you are doing anything right. Since we......

  • working with a marketing agency st louis marketing consultants

    Working with a marketing agency: What to expect

    Find out if our small marketing agency is a fit for your business. We believe that success comes from aligning your business goals & your marketing. We’re big fans of entrepreneurs. Such big fans, in fact, that we made a pledge on Day 1 of......

  • facebook-ads-class-marketing

    NEW CLASS: Learn Facebook Ads March 31st

    Join us for a Facebook Ads Workshop to learn Facebook ad strategies and how to utilize Facebook ad tools to drive successes toward your business goals. There are a variety of ways to advertise on Facebook. This course will walk you through the various options......

  • social media marketing 2016

    10 Social Media Marketing Hacks You Need to Try

    By Rease Kirchner (@IndecisiveRease) Looking to up your social media marketing game? These 10 hacks will help you take your social media skills to the next level, not to mention get you greater reach, better engagement, and more followers. 1. Use Images This one may......

  • How to Know When to Post on Social Media

    By Rease Kirchner (@IndecisiveRease) Content marketing may begin with great content, but even the best content won’t get any traction if it isn’t promoted properly. Let’s say you write an incredible article, then you take the time to craft your words for a clever Facebook......

  • everything you need to know about Facebook retargeting

    Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Retargeting

    Facebook Ads have become an increasingly valuable marketing tool, but one aspect that too many people are overlooking is the power of Facebook Retargeting. If you aren’t using it, or are still unsure of what it is and how it works, allow us to educate......

  • steps to rebranding your business, rebranding, branding, marketing consulting services, business marketing consultant, digital marketing st. louis, marketing strategies, marketing companies st louis, marketing consultant, marketing, st louis marketing, marketing agency st louis, marketing companies in st louis, st louis marketing companies, st louis marketing firm, marketing agencies st louis, social marketing consultant, marketing consultants, marketing consultant

    4 Steps to Rebranding Your Company

    So you are considering reinventing your business. You feel ready for new and exciting branding, but where do you begin? It’s important to give this risky decision a lot of thought, as rebranding your company can really backfire if you don’t approach it correctly. Make......

  • home builder marketing case study hibbs home campaign 3 hibbs homes campaign real estate marketing st louis

    Award nomination for St. Louis home builder marketing campaign

    We’re pleased to share that our work has been nominated by the Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri for our work in social and digital media for St. Louis home builder Hibbs Homes. The award recipients will be announced next month at......