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Business to Consumer


Business to Consumer Marketing (B2C)

mall consumerism advertising firms in st louis, b2b vs b2c marketing, advertising agencies st louis, online lead generation, b2b and b2c marketing, advertising agencies in st louis mo, b2c email marketing, b2c marketing, B2CBusiness to consumer (B2C) marketing involves advertising and marketing directly to consumers. In the past, this was done on a more impersonal level, through ads companies could put out there without interacting with the consumers. Previously, the focus was on providing information about your products and services and getting that information in front of consumers. While that is still part of the strategy, it doesn’t stop there. Businesses are now expected to engage with consumers, interact with them, and develop relationships with them. The internet has changed the way B2C works, and it can be time consuming, but it can also lead to excellent results.

Digital Marketing and B2C

Consumers now look to the internet to research products and services. If you have a great online presence and are ready to capture their attention, this can work in your favor and lead to great online lead generation. Your company not only needs to show up high in the search results, but it also needs to offer engaging content, and have an active social media presence where consumers can interact with your company.

When it comes to showing up high in online search results, B2C Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key. We can work with you to target keywords specific to your business and optimize your site so that your website is more likely to show up high in the search results when a consumer is looking for a product or service that you offer.

Content Marketing

Of course, online lead generation doesn’t just depend on showing up in the search results, you’ll also need to get people to click through to your site and hang around for a while. That is where B2C content marketing comes into play. No one knows more about what you have to offer than you, so create interesting content that showcases your strengths and allows the consumer to feel more confident in your brand.

B2C Social Media is often overlooked, but it’s an incredibly powerful tool. These days, consumers expect to be able to tag you in Facebook posts, Tweet at you and get a quick response, and be able to connect with you on LinkedIn. You need to be present and intriguing on social media platforms, and let consumers feel an attachment and loyalty to you.

The Blank Page team can help you with all aspects of B2C marketing and help you increase online lead generation as well as create a larger and more loyal customer base. Contact us below to set up a free consultation.

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