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Marketing Training & Coaching

At Blank Page Consulting, we offer half day and full day consulting and marketing training sessions in addition to online marketing classes. Learn more about our opportunities and choose the option that works best for your organization.

Choose from the following options:

  • On-site marketing strategy sessions
  • Webcast training sessions
  • Marketing classes (held at your facility or ours)
  • Marketing and business coaching (6 month minimum)


Marketing Strategy Sessions

Bring your team and our experts to the table to discuss your business’s next moves and to determine where you should focus your efforts to achieve your business goals. During the marketing strategy and brainstorm session, our experts will audit your existing talent, resources, and market position, and provide strategic marketing recommendations for your organization to act on moving forward.


Marketing Classes

We work with organizations that have an in-house marketing team to keep their team up-to-speed on the latest in digital and social media marketing and SEO. Your team can enjoy an off-site retreat to focus on marketing at our Creve Coeur office, where we have a conference space suited for up to 20 students – or, we can host regular classes at your facility.


Duration of Training
The duration of our training sessions vary, depending on your organization’s needs. Plan on a half day minimum for most courses.

Online Marketing Training

These online marketing classes are ideal for those who identify with the following:

  • Are you pressed for time and unsure where to focus your marketing time?
  • Are you short on time and talent to effectively create and manage a strategy that helps truly grow your business?
  • Are you confused by the sweeping marketing changes you’ve seen in recent years?
  • Are you unsure how to effectively use social media, blogging, and email to generate consistent leads and clients for your business?


If you said yes to any of these, this class will be a LIFE-SAVER for you. Over the course of 6 weeks, lessons will be delivered to your inbox one at a time. Through progressive lessons and the homework assigned with them, you’ll develop a BULLETPROOF marketing plan that you can feel confident will grow your business over time.


In this course, I break down marketing as a step-by-step SCIENCE rather than an ART – something anyone can do. I developed this course to take away the overwhelm of high-level creative and to focus on ways to meaningfully connect you with the people that will help you grow your business.


Click here to learn more about our classes and to register online.

Marketing Classes

Marketing Basics Classes

  • Inbound Marketing Overview
  • Social Media Boot Camp
  • Nonprofit Marketing Strategy
  • B2B Social Media Strategies
  • Email Marketing Strategies & Best Practices


Digital Marketing Strategy Classes

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Metrics & Measurements for Marketing ROI


Marketing Research Classes

  • Consumer Insight Research
  • Persona Development
  • Strategic Research Planning


Marketing Strategy Classes

  • Marketing ROI Techniques
  • Data and Dashboards
  • Funnel Management
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • Successfully Managing the Creative Process


Industry Specific

  • Nonprofit Marketing
  • Marketing for Mental Health Professionals
  • Marketing for Thought Leaders
  • Marketing Online Products

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