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everything you need to know about Facebook retargeting

Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Ads have become an increasingly valuable marketing tool, but one aspect that too many people are overlooking is the power of Facebook Retargeting. If you aren’t using it, or are still unsure of what it is and how it works, allow us to educate you.

What is Facebook Retargeting?

Retargeting isn’t new to the internet, Google calls this practice Remarketing and has been doing it for years, but Facebook only started using this tactic in 2012. Facebook Retargeting involves a customer visiting your website and not completing the desired action, such as making a purchase or contacting your company. That customer will later see an advertisement for your company on Facebook, prompting them to return to your website and, hopefully, follow through with the desired action.

How does this marketing principle work?

This is actually just a version of a basic sales principle. When a customer is interested in a product or service, they research it, but studies show that most consumers need a bit of a nudge to actually purchase something. Before, this was accomplished by a follow-up phone call or even an email. Facebook Retargeting allows you to complete the “follow up” by targeting your consumers on a website that most Americans already visit at least once a day.

Once a consumer leaves your website, if you don’t do any follow up, you can only hope that they will have the personal motivation to come back and make a purchase. However, retargeting gives you the chance to remind the consumer that you want their business. When a visitor views your site, a code is inserted into their browsing history. This code is later triggered while the consumer is on Facebook, prompting Facebook to show that consumer an ad for your company.

Facebook Ads already allows you to narrow in on consumers with specific interests, ages, locations, and more, but retargeting with pixels lets you hone in on an audience that you know has already shown interest in your company in the past.

Mobile Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting also gives you an incredibly valuable marketing tool that allows you to target people on their mobile phones. The large majority of Facebook users access Facebook on their phones while away from their computers, and many of them check out Facebook on their mobile devices more often than on their computers, so you have a unique opportunity to get your company’s ads in front of a solid audience.

Why it works for consumers

One of the main reasons Facebook Retargeting is so effective is that consumers don’t mind being targeted. While the idea of placing a code into someone’s browser and following them around the internet may sound a bit stalker-ish, consumers overwhelmingly report that they do not mind when they see retargeted ads on their Facebook. The chart below shows that the majority of consumers are neutral to the use of Facebook Retargeting, and 30% of consumers would actually be quite happy to see the ads. (Source)

It seems like Facebook users actually like getting a reminder to go back to a site they were previously browsing. Facebook Retargeting gives you a chance to gently remind consumers that the products they left sitting in their online cart are still there, waiting for them, and get them to come back to your site and finish the checkout process.

Huge Return on Investment Potential

Facebook has over 1.5 billion active users worldwide, with most of those people visiting at least once, if not multiple times a day. By focusing more marketing funds towards Facebook Retargeting, you can get yourself seen by the people who have already shown an interest in what you have to offer. In many ways, this is a passive way of following up with your customers in a way that not only saves you time (no need to write follow up emails or make phone calls) but also feels less intrusive to your customers, as you are reaching them while they are casually scrolling through a website they enjoy visiting, not filling up their inbox or voicemails with pushy-sounding messages.

How can I set up Facebook Retargeting in my ads?

The setup process seems scary and technical, but it is actually quite simple! Here are the steps:

Facebook ads manager

  1. Visit your Ads Manager on the left side of your page.


facebook ads manager main menu tools2. Go to the “Tools” drop-down menu in the upper left-hand side of the page

facebook retargeting pixels

3. Select “Pixels” from the menu

set up facebook pixel

4. You should then be directed to this page where you can easily create the pixel

5. The next steps are easy to do since Facebook guides you through the rest!

Note: you may need your web developer to insert the new Facebook pixel in your header.php file. It will take them no time!

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