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Measuring marketing success

Marketing Metrics ROI

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Connecting Marketing Metrics + Business Goals


Tying your marketing efforts to your business goals is a critical and often overlooked step in the creation of a marketing plan. Rather than creating exhaustive metrics reports on a monthly or quarterly basis to explain the value of your outreach, choose a few strategic measurements to track that you can more directly translate into success.

Just about everything you use for marketing from your website to social media has analytics behind it showing your performance. Without taking the time to step back and look at how you are doing, how will you improve your marketing? Marketing measurement is crucial when it comes to increasing your business performance.

Are you using analytics to your advantage?

Did you know that organizations that adhere to well-established marketing metrics are 3 times more likely to hit their goals than other organizations? As a marketing firm obsessed with numbers and analytics, we have found this to be true.

The key is to take a good look at your business goals and find the marketing metrics that align directly with those goals. From there, you can begin tracking what works for you when trying to achieve those goals and what does not.

Everything we do from social media to SEO is backed by the data we find from our analytics. There is nothing that is more objective than your analytics, which is why we recommend using every piece of information you can that will help you when creating your marketing strategy.

When you’re reporting your marketing and sales success to a manager or board of directors, you often may as well speak to them in a foreign language if you’re going to communicate your success in impressions or pageviews. Instead, speak to them about the return they’re getting for their investment (ROI) by matching your business goals to a few key measurements that are direct indicators of the success or failure of those goals.

In today’s blog, we have shared two potential guides that you can use to start your tracking process. One is a quick, high-level, printable guide you can keep handy at your desk. The second guide is a more in-depth look at some ways you can measure your social outreach and campaigns. These lists are far from exhaustive, but should help you begin to measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Business Goal Marketing Goal Notes
  • Traffic to website
  • Number of calls
  • Number of emails
  • Number of downloads & subscribes
  • Visits to contact page versus number that actually complete form
  • Lead score or B.A.N.T. evaluations
Prioritize lead follow-ups by:





  • Increased conversion rates from qualified lead to opportunity
  • Overall decrease in sales cycle duration for qualified leads
Utilizing a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) tool may help you more effectively measure improvements in lead conversion. May calculate by total number of leads minus conversions divided by 100.
  • Landing page for purchase conversion
Measure visits to a page that indicates successful conversion. Track this in Google Analytics’ “Goals” section.
  • Social media impressions & reach
  • Social media engagement (virality due to likes, clicks, comments, shares)
  • PPC ad clicks
  • Increase searches
  • New direct traffic to website from word of mouth, advertising or PR (non-digital) interest
  • Number of inbound links coming into your website (people referencing your material as authoritative)
  • Email subscriptions
  • Email performance (open rate, click-thru)
  • Blog subscribers
  • Website traffic
  • Lifetime value of customer divided by cost to acquire them.
  • Cost Per Action
  • Cost Per Click
  • Website traffic compared to leads/completed contact forms
  • CRR Formula: Calculate by number of lost customers from original number of customers divided by original number of customers for the given period.
REFERRALS & REVIEWS Use a CRM to track the source of your incoming leads to know how many come from word of mouth referrals.
working with a marketing agency st louis marketing consultants

Working with a marketing agency: What to expect

Find out if our small marketing agency is a fit for your business.

We believe that success comes from aligning your business goals & your marketing. We’re big fans of entrepreneurs. Such big fans, in fact, that we made a pledge on Day 1 of our business to never act in anything but our clients’ best interest. For that reason, we developed this document, which helps inform potential clients about what to expect when working with Blank Page Consulting – so that they can make a fully informed decision when choosing the firm they want to work with. Please read through this document fully and then let us know if you’d like to talk about your company’s goals and Blank Page’s role in helping you find success.

What We Do

We offer business solutions such as consulting, training, and marketing to move your company forward. At Blank Page, we’re focused on helping businesses grow. We do this by offering marketing consulting services, business plan development services, coaching, lead generation campaign development, and hands-on marketing services – including website development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, content marketing, and more.

We serve as a partner and an advocate for our clients and believe strongly in a collaborative marketing approach – getting their input and voice

What We Don’t Do

Our values in action.

With our decades of collective experience, there are some things we’ve decided we will never do:

  • We will never block your access to your own creative assets (websites, social media channels, etc). We believe collaborative marketing, executed in partnership with actively-involved clients produces our best work.
  • We will never knowingly advise you to take an action that isn’t in the best interest of your own business.
  • We won’t stray from our areas of expertise. We are marketers – not IT or administrative professionals. We will lean on your IT and administrative team to handle their work, while we advise them based on our marketing strategy. If you need help finding experts, we can share resources and solutions.

What Drives Us.

Working toward your success.

Our goals as your marketing agency are to:

  • Deliver actionable advice that will help your business succeed.
  • Assist in implementing and acting on advice given.
  • Develop a voice and strategy, reflective of your company’s values – and executed in line with your business goals.

What To Expect

What clients experience working with our marketing consultants.

When you decide that you want to work with Blank Page Consulting, you will be assigned a project manager who will be your day-to-day contact. Typically, our CEO, Danni EIckenhorst, will be the strategist for your plan, but if you opt to work with Blank Page Consulting, your day-to-day work will be supervised by one of our certified marketing experts who will execute on the strategy by fulfilling all of the elements of your plan.

In the development of your marketing plan, we will determine what goals and metrics we should monitor in order to know how effective our strategy is at achieving your business goals. We will measure these goals over time, and adjust our strategy accordingly.

Your project manager will: -Work with you to learn your brand’s voice -Check in with you for regular updates for social and digital content -Look for opportunities for partnership, cross-promotion, and PR promotion -Hold regular meetings with you to report on progress made toward your goals.

You will be billed on a monthly basis – one month ahead of the work to be completed. If you are working with us for a short-term contract (such as website design), we will ask for a deposit at the start, and payments at set milestones.


Your partner for the long-haul.

Applicable to long-term marketing agreements.

Coaching and ongoing marketing clients who work with us on an ongoing basis work on a retainer basis – with a set number of hours allotted each month. In this way, they have access to our team of experts, working on their long-term goals, as they need them. Working with us on an ongoing basis work on a retainer basis – with a set number of hours allotted each month. In this way, they have access to our team of experts, working on their long-term goals, as they need them. Working with us on an ongoing basis offers advantages you can’t get from a one-off project. We’ll spend time with you to identify your most important goals and develop an action plan to help you reach them. Then we’ll track your performance along the way, offering advice to help you reach your goals faster in regular reporting and quarterly audits.

Our team is available during normal business hours to assist your company, in line with your project scope. For a higher hourly rate, our team can be available for emergency or after-hours work as well. Ask your project manager for details.

Your Commitment

Our minimum commitment.

We choose to work on 12-month minimum engagements. Marketing campaigns take time to fully realize success – and so, we ask that our clients commit to a minimum of 12 months of working with our team.

Our minimum monthly marketing agreements are: ‌•5 hours per month for coaching ‌•10 hours per month for active marketing ‌•Variable for short-term projects, such as website builds

Should you work with a marketing agency?

Considering your needs + our value.

When you have the right marketing plan and team in place for your company, your marketing team should:

  • Identify and eliminate inefficiencies within your business, and work to eliminate them.
  • Will help to establish you and your company as authorities within your industry.
  • Reach target customers in a more powerful and cost-effective manner than you could do on your own.

This partnership does require an investment of time and money – which you should consider before embarking on any agreement.

Consider the following:

  • Do you have the time needed to onboard your agency and respond to their inquiries?
  • Do you have the financial resources to invest in a 12-month plan?

Our Rates

Below are examples of our rates for ongoing work. These may be adjusted, based on your organization’s needs, at our discretion. Any software fees, hosting fees, advertising costs or other fees are additional. We will seek your approval before any costs outside of our approved fees are incurred.

  • Marketing Strategy and Coaching Services (Short-Term) $125.00 per hour
  • Marketing Services (Ongoing) $95.00 per hour
  • Other services such as graphic design, website development and coding, photography and videography are quoted on a project-by-project basis as needed.

Let’s Work Together.

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4 Steps to Rebranding Your Company

So you are considering reinventing your business. You feel ready for new and exciting branding, but where do you begin? It’s important to give this risky decision a lot of thought, as rebranding your company can really backfire if you don’t approach it correctly. Make sure you are confident that your company is in need of and ready for a new branding and marketing strategy. Talking to a marketing consultant about your plans could be a great option. When our clients decide to rebrand, we tell them to consider their target audience and make sure their new marketing is moving in the same direction as they are, and make sure their new branding strategy speaks to them. When you are ready to take the plunge, follow these steps to rebranding.

1.Figure out your target audience

old spice rebrandingAre you trying to recapture the interest of your current audience whose interest is waning, or are you looking to reel in an entirely new audience? It’s important to understand what direction your company wants to move in so you can properly lay the foundation for a successful rebranding. One excellent example is the Old Spice rebranding. In 2010, Old Spice did some research and discovered that 60% of men’s body washes are actually purchased by women. Armed with this valuable information, they worked on marketing that targeted the female audience and launched the “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like.” The results were incredible and immediate, with a 300% increase in website traffic and 200% increase in sales and subscribers. (Source)

Knowing your audience is essential when it comes to branding. Make sure you do your research and come up with the best target audience for maximum return on investment.

2. Don’t fix what isn’t broken

Too many companies make the mistake of rebranding for the sake of rebranding; essentially trying to fix what isn’t broken. If things are working, don’t change them!

One rebranding fail was the Netflix/Qwikster debacle. Netflix, which was already an incredibly successful DVD rental-by-mail and online streaming service, attempted to split their business into two by keeping the streaming aspect as Netflix and the DVD rental-by-mail as a new brand, Qwikster. This introduced a second pricing model, essentially costing previously loyal customers more money for the same services they were getting before the rebranding. To add insult to injury, Netflix failed to research social media profiles before choosing the name Qwikster, and discovered far too late that the Twitter username, @Qwikster, was not only taken, but it was owned by a high school student whose online persona was a drug-using Elmo. Ouch.

Netflix reversed its decision fairly quickly, but not before losing 800,000 subscribers. Total rebranding fail. (Source)

It’s important to identify what is working and what isn’t before you make any huge changes. If customers love your product but you can’t seem to get new customers to give you a chance, don’t change the product, change your marketing! Do your research before you take any big risks, and make sure you are changing the right aspects of your business, and leaving what is already working alone.

3. Develop your story

Your brand needs to tell a story, so you have to develop it. Everything from your logo to your advertising needs to flow together and have the same look, feel, and overall message. You can’t have a super serious advertising campaign and then come out with a cartoonish logo. Figure out what you want your brand to say, and then decide how to convey that message. What are you trying to say with this rebranding effort?

radio shack rebrand

In 2009, Radio Shack was struggling, so they attempted a rebrand. The problem was that all they did was change their name to The Shack. All of their services, products, and overall philosophies stayed the same, so the story was basically just “new name, same old store.”  Obviously, the rebrand was a complete flop and lead to over 1,000 store closures and yet another rebranding effort in 2014.


4.Promote and be proud

If you want customers to get to know the new you, you have to promote the new brand. Get out into the marketplace and make sure your new brand is displayed loudly and proudly. Let the public know what your new story is all about, why they should care, and how they can benefit from the new brand.

Once you’ve made the leap to a new brand, stand behind it proudly. Confidence in your brand will allow you to push forward through the transitional period, and come out on the other side as a more successful business than before. Rebranding is a huge step, but it is something that can reap great rewards. If you’re ready to change up your branding and marketing, do your research, follow these steps, and become a rebranding success story.

unparalleled marketing excellence st louis marketing agency social media marketing agency, marketing partnership

Our 5 rules for unparalleled marketing partnership

How we’re serving clients with incredible marketing services in 2016 and beyond…

At Blank Page Consulting, our team of marketing experts work to create fresh, original, impactful marketing that helps support your business growth. Read on for more about our unique approach:


We’re in this for the long haul.

At Blank Page, we work with clients for long-term success and strive to become a critical part of their organization. Real business success doesn’t happen overnight – for you or for us. When it comes to marketing, our job is to do more than simply fill a need or to check to-do’s off your list – but to proactively work to ensure the your marketing needs are met with unmatchably excellent work. Our goal is to be a partner that our clients can trust to keep them focused on strategy, executing on a strategic plan, moving forward on deadline with extraordinary creative and marketing strategy.


We keep it fresh.

Our team knows that marketing efforts can suffer from stagnation and status quo – so we strive to keep our marketing efforts fresh with regular campaigns and an abundance of fresh ideas. We believe in taking calculated risks (with our clients’ blessing), in trying new things, and in working to always expand the creative comfort zone.


We make it personal.

Your success is our success. With monthly phone calls, regular emails and frequent meetings, Blank Page Consulting’s team will strive to become part of your in-house team to create a seamless marketing partnership– always abreast of the latest in your organization in order to inform our content.


We are your business advocates.

As your messaging megaphones, we believe that it is critical that we’re aware of what is happening in your industry so that we can always be ready to proactively positioning you in times of change. Additionally, we will shine a light on strategic concerns that come to light when we work with you – helping you stay focused on making choices for your business that will support your continuous growth.

consumer shopping, B2C marketing, b2c marketing strategies, B2C, lead generation strategies, b2b and b2c marketing

What is B2C marketing?

Do you need help developing a better B2C marketing strategy?

B2C, or business to consumer, marketing is exactly what it sounds like; businesses selling or marketing directly to consumers. Because no one knows your product or service better than you, it seems only logical that you would know best how to market to your customers. But B2C marketing isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The Internet has changed everything

The internet and social media has fundamentally changed the way consumers research and buy products and services. Now, it isn’t just important that you convince buyers of your product’s value, but you have to contrive an emotional connection between consumers and your product.

The internet has also changed the way businesses market to consumers. It is where many of your customers will look first for information on your product. Because of this, the internet creates a unique and challenging opportunity for you to engage with consumers across multiple digital platforms.

Why B2C Social Media Matters

Knowing where to find your customers online is the first step. Are they engaging with your content on Facebook? How about Twitter or LinkedIn? After you learn where your customers are online, then you must develop strategies for reaching them on each platform. The content that you create on each platform will be different.

Yes, B2C marketing has changed over the years, but the end goal is still the same. When trying to target consumers online, you must understand how to best utilize the following:

  • B2C Content Marketing. Think of content marketing as your best way to educate consumers and generate demand. If done correctly, your content–blogs, social media, company website and email newsletter–will personally connect consumers to your product, enticing them to buy. 
  • B2C Social Marketing. Having a strong social media presence is one effective way to engage with your customers and educate them on your brand and products. 
  • B2C SEO.  The stronger your keyword strategy, the more likely your company website will be visited. Search engine optimization (SEO) improves the visibility of your website by using applicable keywords to increase the likelihood that your website comes up during web searches. 


About Us

At Blank Page Consulting, we provide a full range of marketing services to help our clients gain visibility, build relationships and grow their businesses. If you are struggling with your St Louis marketing efforts, let us help. We can help you develop the best possible B2C marketing strategy for your business. Request a 30 minute consultation today with one of our digital marketing experts.

signs your company needs marketing training blank page consulting

Signs your company needs marketing training

Marketing has evolved and so should your company’s digital marketing efforts. In days gone by, a brand would push out a message to a large untargeted audience, and hope that by casting a wide net, they’d find success. Today, marketing is a 2-way process with valuable information being delivered in a targeted way. Additionally, the consumer now has the power in marketing relationships – being able to provide feedback in a multitude of ways – from social media comments, to Google or Yelp reviews and beyond – all of which are potentially very public.

It simply is not enough to just drive customers to your website or to have someone “like” your company on Facebook. You need to learn how to best utilize digital or internet marketing strategies to enhance your business and grow your customer base. Social media platforms can be used to develop a deeper relationship with your customers – to retain existing customers, and to attract new ones.

You can’t afford the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude. Your company may be blogging and may even be engaging on social media, but your customer base is not growing, then chances are, your team needs help to take it to the next level. One way that you can do this is through digital marketing training by industry experts.

We have taken note of common scenarios we see day to day. If you see your brand in any of the signs below, your company is in need of social and digital marketing training.

Your digital marketing strategy is turning off millennials

Is your digital marketing efforts turning off millennials? With a buying power into the trillions, millennials set buying trends in everything from technology to food. The millennial generation is less trustful of traditional marketing. They would much rather discover your brand on their own then feel marketed to. For this reason, millennials often look to engage with a company or brand through social media. Learning to foster relationships with millennials on social media will be well worth it.

Your website isn’t generating sales leads

Are customers visiting your website? Maybe they are, but if those visits are not translating to sales then you are missing a huge marketing opportunity. The goal of your website should be to not only engage customers, but to generate sales leads. Digital marketing training will definitely enhance your company’s ability to do this.

Your company does not utilize digital marketing analytics

If you understand what we mean by “analytics” then your company could definitely benefit from digital marketing training. Understanding impressions, bounce rates and call-to-actions and knowing how to use these analytics to enhance performance on your website and on social media is a major contributing factor to your digital marketing success.

You are turning off your customers with too many emails

Fortunately, someone has either bought one of your products, signed up for one of your services or requested that you send them more information. They have now placed themselves on your subscriber list. But unfortunately for them, they are now being inundated with emails. Learning how to implement a better email marketing strategy is important. Sending too many emails can deteriorate your relationship with your customers to the point where they start ignoring your emails. If this describes your current email marketing strategy, then it could use an overhaul.

Let Blank Page help you with all of your corporate marketing training needs. Our “Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses” course can teach you how to create and implement effective digital marketing strategies. Sign up for our online class or request a quote for a corporate training session.

dear entrepreneur to be

Dear Entrepreneur-to-be…

Dear Entrepreneur-to-be,

I’m rooting for you. In fact, I’m kind of your biggest fan. I see your sparkle and I can’t wait to see what you do with this vision that’s driving you.

As you embark on 2016 with visions of business cards dancing in your head, ready to make the leap into the unknown, hoping that your talent and optimism will help you find a solid place to land, I want to share things with you I wish I’d known when I did the same a few years ago. I believe so much in the spirit of those that are willing to strike out on their own to do something different – something better – and I want you to have an easier time of it than I have.

The world won’t reward you for being talented alone.

You have to be willing to do things that make you uncomfortable – like networking and pitching people on your services, occasionally humble-bragging and actively seeking out new business. Yes, you’re talented, but your talent isn’t a spotlight in a loud room, where suddenly people see you and everything else goes dark and quiet in comparison. You’re a gifted person in world of gifted people. You still have to prove your worth and show people why they should want to work with you, listen to you, buy from you. Realize that now, and you’ll avoid tremendous difficulty later.

You will pay people to grow your company for you, and this may make you uncomfortable.

I struggled with this deeply in the first year of my business – essentially hiring people to make money for me. To alleviate my own guilt, I often paid them sums that were unreasonable for the market and gave bonuses, bought lunches, even while my business was still finding solid footing. In year 2, I began working more closely with my accountant who helped me reframe my way of thinking. I was providing them with value beyond their hourly – in the form of software subscriptions, working conditions, exposure to new projects and opportunities, resume-building connections and portfolios. Once this came into focus, my guilt and fears began to subside, and I was able to run my company from a more practical perspective, with my company’s stability being a higher priority.

No one will love your company as much as you do.

I tell my clients this all the time. Your company was born of your ambition to do something different and better. Your company only came into existence because of your sacrifice – financial, personal, or both. You have to be willing to market your own company to your friends and family, and associates, because your authenticity is what will help you stand out as your young company starts to grow. You have to understand that your employees will never be quite as invested in your company’s success or failure as you are – even with a really motivating pay structure.

If you’re going to make the leap in 2016, you have to be all in. Do the things that make you uncomfortable. Be an amazing boss, but manage with your company’s long-term viability in mind – so that you can continue to do something BETTER and DIFFERENT for your clients and customers for the long haul. And, perhaps most importantly, be your company’s greatest advocate. Shout what you’re doing from the rooftops. People are rooting for you to succeed. Go out there and do what you were meant to do – and do it well.

With love from a fellow entrepreneur, Danni CEO, Blank Page Consulting

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What is B2B marketing?

Are you sure that you understand what B2B marketing really is?

Simply put, B2B marketing is when a business tries to sell a product or service to another business for the business’s use and benefit, rather than a consumer’s. Often, the products or services being sold are in larger quantity, requiring a more significant investment and a longer commitment.

The Internet has changed B2B Marketing

The internet and social media has fundamentally changed the way businesses target buyers. For example, the majority of business buyers research products online first. Because of this, it is important for businesses to learn where to find their buyers online via internet search engines, social media and email.

Your strategy when marketing to businesses should look different from your strategy to marketing to consumers. When trying to target businesses online, you must understand how to best utilize the following marketing methods to maximize lead generation:

  • Content Marketing. The sales process for B2B interactions takes, on average, 22% longer than it did in previous years. One way to supplement the sales process without overworking your staff is to provide valuable information that speaks to potential buyers through content marketing. This content can be used on your company website, social media and email newsletters. The content that you create – be it infographics, articles, videos or case studies – needs to demonstrate your product’s value.  Your content should answer the question why a company can’t do without your product or service.  In this way, your social media networks and your website can be answering sales questions and overcoming objections 24/7 so that your staff doesn’t have to. 
  • Social  Media Marketing. 55% of B2B buyers search for information on social media. (Source: Biznology). Social media accounts are only useful if used – and should be targeted to your industry and potential clients. LinkedIn is fertile ground for B2B relationship growth and lead generation, but you may also find other professional networks for your industry that help generate leads. For example, many custom home builders and home repair professionals post their work and network on, leading to new business for their industries through collaborative projects. 
  • SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) improves the visibility of your website by using applicable keywords to increase the likelihood that your website comes up during web searches. Consider search terms that executives or managers that are seeking out your services or product may search – then answer their questions in a language that mirrors their own to increase the likelihood of your company being found. 
  • Sales versus Marketing. For long-term B2B marketing and lead generation success, it is critical that your sales and marketing teams work in partnership. A recent article by Meltwater cited that the role of salespeople is changing. According to their article, 82% of B2B decision makers feel that sales reps they interact with for B2B products and services are unprepared to answer their questions. Many also wish to focus less on product demos and more on responsiveness, relationships and references, which they feel speak more about the value of the brand and its offerings than a video conference, webinar or demo can. The key for your marketing is to learn what your audience expects and needs through surveys and interviews – and then to sync up your marketing and sales team’s efforts to deliver.

B2B marketing has evolved

Yes, business to business marketing has changed dramatically over the years, but the end goal is still the same. B2B marketing has evolved from face-to-face relationship building between a salesperson and the prospective buyer to a broader strategy that utilizes data tracking to generate sales leads. Under this new method, a lot of the work and research is done before the salesperson steps in to close the deal.

Partnering with B2B marketing experts

At Blank Page Consulting, we provide a full range of marketing services to help our clients gain visibility, build relationships and grow their businesses. If you are struggling with your St. Louis marketing efforts, let us help. We can help you develop the best possible B2B marketing strategy for your business. Request a 30 minute consultation and let Blank Page  help you with all of your B2B marketing needs.

email encryption email marketing

How can you satisfy the need for email encryption?

quicktips-cmit-solutionsA guest blog by partner Mike Minkler of CMIT Solutions, Clayton

In the early days of email, excited computer users embraced the new technology because of the freedom it entailed. You could say anything you wanted about any topic, at any length, and fire away. But once the world realized that all those messages would live on in perpetuity, the need to protect the security and integrity of this most basic of all online communications became more prevalent.

Today, that need is even more critical. If your company is ever sued, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require that electronic communication subpoenaed as evidence be produced within 99 days. And depending on what industry you work in, government regulations might mandate more specific protocols.

In the health care industry, any email containing Protected Health Information (PHI) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) must be protected; in the finance industry, compliance officers are required to scan emails for keywords like “guarantee,” “100%,” and “definitely.” In the real estate industry, new Truth in Lending Act-Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (TILA-RESPA) rules went into effect in October regulating how non-public information (NPI) included on mortgage application disclosure forms can be shared. And in the legal industry, emails must be archived for years.

Managing the IT stresses of such rules and requirements can be onerous for small to medium-sized businesses, which are regularly pressed for time and precious resources. That’s why robust email services are so critical, especially if they cover all the bases like rapid access, discovery, archiving, and recovery.

Learn the characteristics of a comprehensive email solution.

Reach out to Mike Minkler for more information.

Mike Minkler CMIT Solutions of Clayton 12977 N 40 Drive St Louis, MO 63141 Phone: 314.222.1364 Toll Free: 1.800.510.CMIT

marketing trends 2016 digital marketing trends

5 marketing trends to be mindful of in 2016

By Danni Eickenhorst

As we look ahead at what’s to come in marketing in 2016, we are seeing that major shifts in digital media are going to shape marketing strategies big and small. Increasingly, businesses of all sizes are finding frustration and failure in their marketing methods. By being aware of these 5 key marketing trends, brands can pivot in their planning – looking ever forward, rather than engaging in another year of reactive marketing.

    1. Continued growth of video content and video ads across all major channels – with a notable strategic increase in Facebook. In fact, some experts are predicting that Facebook will outpace YouTube. In a survey by Demand Metric last fall, an astonishing 74% of businesses reported that video content outperformed other content types in driving conversions. This fact, combined with the incredible reach that Facebook and Twitter now deliver on video content, makes video a MUST for brands in 2016.
    2. Mobile traffic will continue its trend of upward growth and will be at the heart of many of our strategic planning efforts in the New Year. We are seeing mobile outpacing desktop interactions across nearly every medium. With the rise of wearable technology, we’ll be optimizing for new screens and new content experiences.
    3. “Content shock” will continue to impact your marketing strategy – with content marketing struggling to be as effective a medium for many brands. A recent study found that the amount of content being created is far outpacing our desire for it – and our ability to consume it. Brands and small businesses will have to find new ways to stand out from the crowd through higher quality content, advertising, and strategic partnerships.Far and away, we are seeing that longer form content (4,000 or more words) outperforms shorter, punchier content again and again. From a search perspective, this content is richer, and if well written and well-formatted, will lead to longer site visits, which are signals to Google that you are offering strong and useful information.
    4. marketing trends in 2016 marketing trends content creation content production social engagement marketing strategyThe role of the website will continue to change as social media channels encourage publishers to publish on-network. The role of the website will continue to change as well, as digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Google Now serve up answers to questions without sending visitors to your site – some of these digital assistants are answering questions outside of traditional search engines as well, opening a new area of optimization needs for your content. In a recent study of 8,800 brands and their marketing, Trackmaven found that brands were creating 78% more content and realizing 60% less engagement than in previous years. And that brings us to our final prediction…
    5. Your marketing will take more time. During times of plentiful business, and during times of difficulty  alike, companies tend to cut their marketing budgets – a move that will invite future failure. Brands are finding that their audiences are demanding QUALITY of content over quantity – a demand that requires more time for creative and strategic considerations. We have found that customers and contractors that we bid our time for 12-18 months ago now take 20-30% more time to deliver on, due to the increasing competition across nearly ever industry. Because of the highly competitive nature of content marketing, there needs to be more time for the thoughtful and strategic distribution of the content you create – particularly if you are looking for insightful metrics to guide your future marketing efforts. Budget your time and your resources accordingly.

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